8 Rules That Tesla Employees Have To Follow

8 Rules That Tesla Employees Have To Follow

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SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk attach great importance to productivity. As a result, he also takes care that his employees spend their time very productively.

In an internal email sent to Tesla employees, employees should pay attention to what is stated. 

In other words, there are some rules that Tesla personnel must follow.

Let’s take a look at these rules…

Tesla Employees

Avoid Crowded Meetings Where Possible

“Crowding and large-scale meetings are some of the disadvantages of large companies. Therefore, do not hold crowded meetings unless you provide essential information to the participants.”

Tesla Company

Frequent Meetings Are Not Necessary

“Also, stop meeting regularly and frequently. Unless it is a very urgent and vital issue, you do not need to assemble.

If there is a serious issue, hold a meeting and then reduce the frequency of meetings.”

Leave the Meeting If There Is Nothing For You

“If a meeting doesn’t suit you if you have contributed to the meeting and issues that interest you have been discussed, leave the meeting.”

Be Careful Not to Use Excessive Technical Jargon

“Do not use excessively technical and incomprehensible expressions, jargons about objects, software, or products.

Anything that requires extra explanation hurts communication. We don’t want people to memorize complex words to be able to work at Tesla.”

Don’t Let Hierarchy Degrade Efficiency.

Tesla Factory

“Communication should be direct. I prefer the shortest communication way to get a job done.

Managers who tie their employees’ communication efforts to a certain hierarchy have no business at Tesla.”

Contact Directly

“Most of the problems stem from poor communication between departments. Therefore, communication between all departments and all levels should be as direct as possible.

For example, if an engineer first mentions a matter to the chief engineer, chief engineer to the department manager, and the department manager to the general manager, things get messy.

For this reason, if there is an issue, being able to directly contact the most authoritative name is a method we support at Tesla.”

Never leak information to the press.


“As an employee or shareholder, we must protect the flow of information within the company.

For this reason, Tesla management has the right to take the necessary legal steps against people who leak company information and violate the confidentiality agreement.”

Don’t Call An Ambulance If You’re Injured.

When Tesla employees are injured at the factory, they are taken to the hospital by car, not by ambulance. Tesla management has not yet made an official statement on this subject.

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