How To Make Money On Fiverr In 2021 | Definitive Guide

How To Make Money On Fiverr In 2021 | Definitive Guide

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Citizens of the digital world, travellers, and job seekers if you want to know How To Make Money On Fiverr this article is for you.

Fiverr is a great way to earn extra income while showing off your skills. So let’s see how to make money on Fiverr.

This article will tell you what this platform is like, how it came to be, and the most common jobs you can find on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Simply put, you can think of Fiverr as an online platform that offers various services, tasks, and small jobs.

In 2010, Fiverr’s goal was to enable freelancers to showcase the digital services they could offer by posting. 

When you enter the site, you can find a job related to any skill you can think of. So if you’re a web developer, designer, lawyer, or even musician, Fiverr has something for you.

Fiverr is known as the 5 dollar company because all the services offered on Fiverr start at 5 dollars.

However, this is the base price. Here you can find many jobs that are close to the wages on other job opportunities sites.

Bringing sellers directly together with freelancers, Fiverr has become one of the largest online service exchange websites. 

Its popularity in the industry makes it attractive to earn money while traveling.

How to Find a Job on Fiverr?

Do you have a skill that you can monetize? For example, maybe you are good at designing logos, websites, or wedding invitations, or you can help companies with their social media or human resources strategy.

Whatever your talent, you can share these skills with others online with Fiverr. But, of course, the best thing is that you can earn money while doing what you love.

If you want to find a job on Fiverr is quite simple. But first of all, we must understand the two different sides mentioned in this process.


If you’re a freelancer looking for a job, Fiverr categorizes you as a “seller.” A seller can offer any service he wants, adding how much he expects in return.

It all depends upon the skill set you have or how experienced you are in the industry.


If you want something done or want to take advantage of a service, then you are a “buyer.” A buyer is someone who has a job to complete, whether it’s a specific task, a job, or a project. 

Individuals, companies, and many businesses can be buyers. On Fiverr, buyers hire sellers to get the job done.

In Fiverr, a platform for two-way communication, buyers and sellers can reach each other through this site. For example, buyers can browse the place to find sellers that meet their needs. 

Or, sellers can browse buyer profiles to find tasks that match their skills.

When a buyer finds a seller, they discuss the work to be done, set a delivery date, and agree on the fee. 

Then it’s up to the freelancers to showcase their skills.

Now that I’ve explained how Fiverr works let’s talk about how to showcase your skills.

Ways to Search for a Job on Fiverr


Making money as a seller on Fiverr is now easier than ever. By following the steps I will explain now, you can make your name known on Fiverr and start making money in a short time.

Open a New Account

To make money on Fiverr, you must have a registered account. So the first step is to open a new account. 

After entering your contact information, a confirmation email will be sent to you. After you approve your new account, you can start looking for a job.

Create a Seller Profile

Your profile will likely be the essential factor in finding a job on Fiverr. Here you will showcase your experience, skills, and buyers you have worked with before.

Long story short, this will be the place to market yourself. Your profile will be the first place buyers look when deciding who to hire, so you should make a good impression on them.

Create Job Description 

Now that you’ve created a descriptive profile, what you’ll do is create a job description to share with prospective buyers. 

You should write down the services you offer, the conditions you are looking for, and your wage expectation in detail. You can think of this as your job description. 

After a buyer reads your profile, they will look at this information and evaluate whether you are the person they are looking for.

Offer Buyers

It’s a good idea to wait for buyers to find you, but your chances of getting a job will increase if you’re active on the site. 

For example, some buyers post an ad for a job, stating what needs to be done when the job is requested and how much it will pay. 

As a seller, you can view these listings and offer buyers directly.

Join Fiverr

How Much Does Fiverr Cost?

Creating a profile on Fiverr is free. It is one of the best things you will find on the website. 

You will not have any money in your pocket while browsing the site and looking at job postings.

As a buyer, you pay Fiverr a certain amount for the job descriptions and site you specify. The fee you pay depends on how much you pay for the job. 

For jobs under $40, it is $2, and for jobs over $40, it is 5% of your pay for the job. 

So, for example, if you’re going to pay $10 to post on your blog, you’ll have to pay $2 to Fiverr before dealing with the seller.

If you are a seller, you will receive your salary after the job is completed. Before I forget, you can get 80% of the agreed wage after the job is done. 

Fiverr takes the remaining 20% ​​as commission. For example, let’s say a buyer offers $10 for your blog post. He’ll pay you $8 when the job is done.

Ways to Make Money on Fiverr: The 10 Most Common Jobs 

How To Make Money On Fiverr

As I explained above, you can find a job on Fiverr on any subject you can think of. There are lots of jobs, more than 200 different jobs under each category. 

I have listed a few of the most preferred ones for you to make money on Fiverr.

Website Development Works

  • Pay: $100 – $2k per job

Website design and development is one of the categories where you can earn the most money on Fiverr. 

Even if you come across different offers on website concept, design, and coding, you can make much more money if you can do all three.

Especially the design of e-commerce sites is trendy. So buyers always look for sellers who can work on platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify.

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Graphic design

  • Pay: $10-$1000 per job

The graphic design postings on Fiverr are never-ending. More than 11,000 job postings are available in this area, one of the most popular categories on the site.

Whether you’re an expert in t-shirt design, logo, or business card design, you’ll find thousands of jobs in this field on Fiverr.


  • Pay: $50 – $2k per job

You don’t have to be a tech freak to make money on Fiverr. If you’re good with words, you can also make good money by offering your copywriting skills to buyers.

There are so many job opportunities, especially in copywriting. For example, we found loads of job postings for product review writing, bloggers, and even ebook writers.

Video Marketing

  • Pay: $100 – $1,000 per job

Attention those who want to be a director! Video marketing is one of the top monetizing categories on Fiverr. 

The demand for such services has increased by 100% in recent years, thus creating a good income for people with experience in shooting videos.

Job opportunities include making educational videos, short animations, and commercials. There is also a vast market for companies that want to use social media channels better. 

Many companies are looking for someone to shoot videos to upload to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Translation Services

  • Pay: $100 – $1,000 per job

Translation services are the most trending gigs nowadays. If you can speak more than one or two languages, you can easily earn extra income by translating documents for others. 

Companies prefer to hire multilingual vendors to translate different papers and articles.

You can also find buyers who want to learn a new language on Fiverr. 

If you have the patience to teach, this could be an excellent opportunity to showcase your language skills. 

You can meet a lot of students who want to take private lessons in foreign languages.

Social Media Marketing

  • Pay: $50 – $2k per job

The demand for strategic social media marketing has been on the rise for a long time. 

Depending on how experienced you are, you can make money by sharing your knowledge with growing companies.

From ad campaign creation to optimization, strategy, and audience research, buyers may want to enlist your help. 

Sometimes they need someone to manage their social media accounts on their behalf.

Join Fiverr

Influencer Marketing

  • Pay: $10 – $1000 per job

If you have many followers on social media, you can earn money here by making some effort.

There are loads of companies and individuals willing to pay you to advertise their brands through your social media channels.

The fee to be paid varies depending on the number of followers you have and how much you share, or how many times you use the brand’s name.


  • Pay: $10 – $500 per job

Voice-over is a trendy job, even for people who don’t have much experience. What you need is a clean, clear tone that will make it easier for you to find different jobs.

You can find hundreds of different job postings for almost every tone on Fiverr. You have an American accent, a British accent, a male, female voice… Whatever you look for, it’s all there.


  • Pay: $10 – $300 per job

Fiverr is an excellent opportunity to earn money for both those who are experts in drawing cartoons and those who draw as a hobby. 

Because companies often ask for unique characters, cartoons, or portraits, most of the work you receive requires drawings that match the buyer’s wishes.

Virtual Assistant

  • Pay: $5 – $100 per job

By working as a virtual assistant, you have the opportunity to work from anywhere you want. 

If you are used to living in an organized way and following multiple programs, working as a virtual assistant may be a good option for you.

Fiverr is a bottomless pit for virtual assistants. Your job description may include tasks such as data entry, making appointments, and selling over the phone.

Ways to Sell More on Fiverr

Freelancing at home

Fiverr has become one of the most popular websites for finding jobs and providing services online. 

Unfortunately, the number of freelancers has exceeded tens of thousands, intensifying the competition and making it difficult to find a job.

When looking for ways to make money on Fiverr, you may want to follow a few simple steps that will keep you one step ahead of everyone else and increase your chances of getting the job.

Creating a Strong Profile

I don’t know if we need to say this, but a detailed and descriptive profile will strengthen your hand. 

Your profile is the first thing that catches the eye of buyers, so making a good impression can increase your odds of getting the job.

To make your profile even more interesting, you can upload a video where you describe yourself. 

It not only showcases your effort and desire but also allows buyers to get to know you better. In fact, according to Fiverr research, adding videos can increase your business by 200%.

Using SEO

There are thousands of different job postings on the internet, so you’ll need to stay one step ahead to get attention. 

One of the best ways to increase the quality of the service you offer is to use search engine optimization (SEO).

The title of your job description should be engaging and reader-friendly. Instead of listing your skills, write something that will catch the attention of the recipient. 

For example, using a headline like “I can write three travel posts for your company” is much better and more descriptive than a headline like “Blogger, author, travel trips.”

Another tip is to use repetitive words in your profile. For example, if you are writing a travel article, state it in your job posting and title. 

Then, when you use the exact keywords, you will rank higher in the search results made with these words.

Using the Fiverr App

If you are constantly traveling, you may not always have access to your computer. But if you use the Fiverr app, you can apply from your phone and get back to customers on time without missing job opportunities.

It is essential so that your customers don’t go somewhere else. Customer service and after-sales service are the best ways to get better reviews and get more clients on Fiverr.

Deal More Expensive With The Customer

Even if you’re doing a $5 job, you can always earn more. By selling your other services for a higher price, you meet their needs and generate additional income.

For example, if you’re asked to design a logo, you can add additional features for the buyer. Maybe they can agree to pay extra for different logo versions or different colors. 

Or they want to add a business card in addition to their order. In both cases, you can also make more money on Fiverr by selling different product options at a higher price while offering other options to your seller.

Strive To get 5 Stars

Feedback and comments are essential to making a name for yourself on Fiverr. Good reviews not only attract other buyers but also increase your visibility in the search engine.

There are many different ways to get good reviews from your customers. However, there’s no reason not to get the good reviews you deserve by providing excellent customer service along with a successful project.

Always be available, open to communication, and show no disrespect to anyone.

Developing Business as a Vendor

Sellers are placed on various levels from the moment they sign up on the Fiverr platform. In addition, each class offers special deals to increase your sales on Fiverr.

When you first become a member, you get the title of “New Seller”. However, it would help if you always aimed to reach the “Top Rated Seller” level because, at this level, you will be offered VIP support and have a chance to be featured in Fiverr ads.

To level up on Fiverr, you need to complete as many jobs as possible without lowering your rating.

The Pros and Cons of Fiverr

Freelancing Guide

Fiverr, which allows free-time jobs to be one click away, also has its advantages and disadvantages. 

So let’s see if it’s worth your time and effort to learn ways to make money on Fiverr.


  • Freedom: Many freelance jobs also give you independence, but Fiverr takes it to a whole new level. Once here, unlike many jobs, you have the chance to accept jobs that fit your needs and schedule. And most of the time, buyers don’t constantly monitor you to see how many hours you work. Therefore, you can adjust the finishing speed according to you.
  • Payment Confirmation: You are guaranteed to get paid for your work as all buyers must pay upfront. That way, you don’t have to deal with swindlers or unknowing companies.
  • Chance to Earn Tips: Fiverr allows or even encourages buyers to tip sellers. More than 50% of customers tip 20%.
  • Chances of Getting a Good Start: You should have no trouble getting a job first, as many positions are accessible, short-lived, and low paid. You may not earn the money you want or do the jobs you want, but it is a great way to earn extra income while trying to make a name for yourself on Fiverr.
  • Working with Different Customers: One of the best aspects of working at Fiverr is the opportunity to work with different clients and projects. You gain experience working in different ways and in various jobs, which is an unmissable opportunity for a beginner. You also work with a lot of people, which expands your circle.


  • Fiverr Commission: While it’s not uncommon for a service provider to cut your fee, we think Fiverr’s 20% commission is too much. This 20% also applies to tips you receive from buyers.
  • High Competition: Unlike sites where you can find freelance jobs, Fiverr is known and recognized for offering much lower prices. If the buyer is looking for a good deal, he or she will encounter many sellers willing to pay just $5 for any job, regardless of the quality of the job. To earn more money, you need to prove your worth.

Ready to Make Money on Fiverr?

As you now know, Fiverr is a great way to earn additional income. With the right skills, dedication, and work ethic, you can easily find jobs that match your talents and lifestyle.

After making a name, you will find that Fiverr pays the same amount as other similar sites. 

For example, with $5 you earn from some work you do, you can get a one-hour foot massage in Thailand, have a bowl of Pho in Vietnam, or go from the airport to the city center in Guatemala.

But if you dedicate yourself to it, you can make a substantial amount of money and pay for your travels using your Fiverr skills.

Join Fiverr

Moreover, you can work whenever you want and earn as much money as you want.

By choosing the jobs you want, you can set your working hours to fit your schedule so that you can spare time for your hobbies. 

But, of course, you will not find such an opportunity in every job.

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