Top 5 Best Helmets in India Under Rs 5000 in 2021

Top 5 Best Helmets in India Under Rs 5000 in 2021

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In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the best helmets in India under Rs 5000.  We‘ll also give a brief rundown on why these bikes are so good and what makes them so special.

When it comes to choosing the best helmet for your riding needs, you’re going to need to know a bit about the different types of helmets that exist in the market. There are classic helmets that were designed specifically for motorcycling like the leathers or the rigid helmets, but there are also newer models that look more like armored vehicles. A number of options are available in the market, and there’s never a bad time to test drive one of them.

So now let us see some of the best helmets in Best Helmets in India Under Rs 5000.

SMK GL271 Twister Helmet

SMK GL271 Twister Cartoon Graphics Energy Impact Resistant

Thermoplastic Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet with Clear Visor

  • Available in L (590 millimeters) size
  • External shell aerodynamic, molded-in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic)
  • Inner Resil coating to keep the liner fabric cool and dry,

The Helmet has an inner aerodynamic liner which helps to keep the MiroSkin liner cool and dry. This means the helmet will be more comfortable in hot conditions especially on long rides. The visor and inner face of the helmet are ventilated giving the helmet a very airy feeling which along with the removable and washable inner lining makes this a great summer option.

LS2 Helmets – FF352 Rookie

LS2 Helmets – FF352 Rookie – Mein – Gloss Black Green

Single Mercury Visor Full Face Helmet – (Large – 580 MM)

  • Please measure your head circumference inch above your eyebrows before ordering this helmet
  • The fitment of the helmet should be tight and snug
  • Light Weight: 1350 +/- 50 Grams
  • European Certification: ECE 22-05 Certified

The new LS2 FF352 helmet impresses with its high-quality finish and comfortable design. A full-face helmet for street use, the LS2 FF352 features a perfect fit with a fast and easy one-pull system. Designed for optimum aerodynamics, the LS2 FF352 is an ideal street helmet, with excellent aerodynamic speed performance. The slightly higher shell width makes it easier to find a comfortable position for wearing glasses. The helmet has also European Certification: ECE 22-05 Certified

Axor Rage RR3 Helmet

Axor Rage RR3 Dull Black Orange Helmet-L

  • ABS material for impact resistance and toughness
  • ISI and DOT certified helmet
  • Removable and washable linings

The Rage RR3 model features a full-face shell bearing the AXOR logo. The helmet is made with an ABS shell which provides excellent impact resistance. This helmet meets all requirements of the International Standard for Bicycle Helmets IS2088-1 and the US DOT FMVSS 218 standards. The removable and washable linings ensure that they can be easily cleaned after use. The helmet also has a breathable mesh lining to keep your head cool. You can also adjust the size according to your

A quality helmet that’s built for speed, the RR3 is a precision-engineered helmet that’s designed to be one of the lightest in its class. Offering maximum airflow, you’ll be able to perform at your best on the track, all while staying cool and comfortable. The helmet is made with a composite shell that’s lightweight yet strong enough to protect you from crashes. For maximum airflow, this helmet includes an upper air intake vent and behind outlet vent. 

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Helmet

Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Graphics Helmet in

Matt Finish Helmet Fitted with Clear Visor and Extra Smoke Visor

  • This 580 MM Medium Helmet Size will be fit only of 55-56 CM Head Size Men/Women
  • ISI Certified Helmet
  • Check size chart in the images before buying helmet and take your head size properly.
  • Italian Design Hygienic Interior with Multi pore

The Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Helmet is available in multiple colors and finishes.. It has a unique and multi-pore air-channeling interior that will keep your head much dryer than a normal helmet. The steel bird has been designed for the Ultimate Aerodynamics with its aerodynamic shape and a very thin profile which gives better airflow and makes the helmet more lightweight than normal helmets. In addition, the helmets are designed to protect the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and chin. It provides additional protection to the area around the eyes as they can be easily injured and broken. 

Axor Apex Venomous Black Neon Green Helmet

Axor Apex Venomous Black Neon Green Helmet- Large (Motocross)

  • IMPS- Injection molded Polycarbonate shell is used for High-Performance. Breath guard and chin curtain included
  • Homologation – ECE R-22.05(Europe) & DOT FMVSS NO. 218(US) Helmet Safety Standards

A lightweight and modern helmet suitable for all types of adventure, motocross, and off-road use. Axor Apex Venomous Black is an aggressive-looking helmet with great ventilation and built-in protection. The injection-molded polycarbonate shell is used for High-Performance. An air intake vent in the upper rear of the helmet directs hot air to the front and side of the head to help keep you cool and comfortable during intense riding conditions. The helmet’s breath guard and built-in chin curtain are designed to lower the overall noise level, keeping you safer when you’re on the open road

What to consider while shopping for the best helmet in India?

Shape, Size, and Weight

The size and shape of your head are the first factors to consider. An accurate measurement can be obtained by measuring from side to side (or ear to ear) and front to back (from the back of the skull to the forehead). Make sure you check the sizing of helmets before buying them since brands differ.

It is equally important to consider the weight. Weights between 1200 and 1400 grams are ideal. The heavier the helmet, the more strain it will cause to your neck muscles and the more discomfort it will cause. According to ISI standards, the helmet weight cannot exceed 1500 grams or 1.5 kilograms. 

Construction and Design

Be sure to prioritize utility and construction over appearance. High-quality helmets are sturdy and constructed according to safety and quality standards. It is better to wear a lighter shade of helmet over one that is darker so that you are more visible and the temperature is reduced. To keep yourself visible to others, choose a helmet with bright highlights other than pitch black.


If you wear a helmet, its upper edge opening must align-right above your eyebrows. You should have enough space between your head and the sides so that your peripheral vision is not hindered. It is very important that the visor is scratch-resistant- this will make the helmet even more useful as it allows for a better view. A water-tight visor is necessary to prevent wind and rain noise from entering the helmet. An excellent visor won’t slide down easily but will open and close in stages instead. Switch visors easily with one that has a quick-release system. Generally, a clear visor works well at night as well as during the day, a tinted visor for riding mostly during the day in the sun.


Multi-ventilation points are characteristic of a superior quality helmet designed for extended use in Indian climates. There should be ventilation at the rear, near the chin, and on top. You should be able to open and close these ventilation points on the top especially if you ride in different weather conditions. During longer rides, you will keep cooler and less water will get into the helmet.

Standards and Certifications- ISI, DOT, and ECE

Choose a helmet that has the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) mark, which is a certification that meets the required safety standards. Despite that, it is not all. It may be safer to choose one with additional certifications since some of these standards are outdated. The DOT (Department of Transportation), ECE or the Economic Commission for Europe, as well as SNELL, are some of the most widely known agencies that have safety and quality standards for helmets. These marks indicate that a helmet is safer and of higher quality.

Which is the best helmet for women/girls under 3000?

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet is a half-face helmet that provides women with a comfortable and safe riding experience. The lightweight but highly sturdy device, weighing just 1190 grams, ensures maximum safety. This stylish and highly functional bag is made with a leather finish and chin strap for a secure fit. Larger eye ports provide greater visibility without blocking peripheral vision. With its compact design, it is easy to fit into the boot of 2-wheeler scooters like Activas and Scootys, making it a great choice for women. This helmet ticks all the right boxes when it comes to safety, comfort, and portability, making it the best helmet for women under 5000.

Which is the Best Half-Face Helmet?

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet may just be the right helmet for you if you are looking for a high-quality half-faced helmet with flip-up design. An ABS shell and a lightweight ABS body give this helmet its weight of approximately 1150 grams. By doing so, the helmet can remain lightweight while also being resistant to high impacts. In addition to providing maximum visibility, the visor offers easy installation without hindering peripheral vision. A scratch-resistant and UV-resistant coating is also included on the visor. Traveling at high speeds is made possible with the aerodynamic shape. Flipping up the helmet is easy with the press of a button, making it a versatile and safe alternative to full-face helmets.

Which is the best helmet for Royal Enfield?

Fans of Royal Enfield’s helmets can choose the Open Face visor helmet. For those seeking a great fit, great safety and the signature MLG style, this Matt Battle Green Open Face glove is a perfect match. Open-face helmets have a visor that covers your entire face to protect you from wind and dust. ABS is a single-piece material that is highly impact resistant and durable. It is lined with polyester. The EPS lining makes it more comfortable and extends its use time. It is easy to remove the comfort liner and wash it as needed. Designed with an adjustable chin strap and a cushioned grip, this chin strap provides improved grip and comfort.


The law doesn’t just require that you wear a helmet – it is important for your safety and the safety of others. When you are involved in an accident, a high-quality helmet will ensure that you do not suffer any serious injuries to your head or neck. A helmet is an absolute necessity for every rider, no matter how experienced they are.

Consider the features discussed above when selecting a helmet that will give you the best protection and comfort. Avoid myths such as the heavier helmet being safer or following a particular brand blindly. Choose a helmet based on your needs and other important safety and quality criteria.

Our list of the top 5 helmets under 5000 proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a safe and stylish helmet. They meet both Indian and international safety standards and meet quality and safety requirements. You can also ensure that you are safe while traveling on the road if you equip yourself with one of these helmets that cost less than 5000.

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